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From time to time this site will be extended and get some new content. Once I used to say "permanently" but in lack of free time, I gave up. The website is optimized for a resolution of 1280 x 1024 and M$ Internet Explorer.

The young, somehow absent looking lady to your left is Gong Li. Together with the director Zhang Yimou she formed the couple  who succeed in drawing the western world's attention on the Chinese film. Her career started in 1987 with Red Sorghum (Hung Gao Liang), followed by further milestones as JuDou, Story of Qiu Qu, Red Lantern ... It where these films which awakened my interest in Asian and in particular Chinese culture.


At present you will find the following categories on this site:

Film-Reviews: Some Information about mainly Asian films, which I like best, and - in my humble opinion - represent the art of Asian film best. The sophisticated use of colors and the high grade of aesthetic clearly make the difference to Hollywood stuff. I added some comments to each of the films, which are of course very subjective, as they represent my point of view. I am always open for discussion - just drop me a mail.

China 2000: Some impressions brought from my journey to China in 2000, when I first engaged with the adventure China, for attending my practical semester in HangZhou. These were unforgettable month full of curios when I started to love the country, the people and their mentality. I have been to: Hangzhou, Shanghai,  HuangShan, PutuoShan, QianDaoHu, HongKong (XiangGang).

China 2002: After my first journey it was clear: that definitely was not the last time stepping my feet on yellow earth, I had to go back there. This time to see the north-east. My stops were: Beijing, ShenYang, DaLian, TaiShan, QuFu

Taiwan 2004: I kept my 2-year-rythm, and now you can find me in Taipei / Taiwan. But this time not only for a few weeks or month, as i got into the lucky situation that I can live and work here. This should provide enough possibilities to travel, explore  county and culture and hopefully also the time to report about. I will keep working on this section.

Links: A small collection of links picked out of my favorites, which are somehow related to Asian topic and just represent my personal interests.




The screenshot to your right, comes from the movie The King Of Masks, a masterpiece for heart and senses. Thanks the great performance of the chinese director Wu Tian Ming, and all the participating actors and actresses (including the monkey) we can enjoy such a moving stripe of celluloid. Please check the film-review section for more information.


My present top 5 list of films:

  • Samurai Fiction

  • JuDou

  • King of Masks

  • Scent of green Papaya

  • Hana Bi


  In the case you may have similar interests like me, please feel free to contact me, constructive criticism is also welcome!



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