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China 2002


   First stop: Beijing, and this even in the first week of may, when whole China has holidays. This surely is not perfect timing, but nevertheless another special experience. From that time on I know how many people you can pack on a square meter.

left: Beijing in the evening, clean air is something different, but who cares when having such a view.

right: one part of the summer palace, a noble park and good place to relax during hot summer days - once a present from the emperor to his mother.





Although the scenic spots were quite crowded I just stepped in trying to bring some more patience and it was worth it. These two attractions are a must for Beijing-visitors.

left: The Hall of Prayer within the Temple of Heaven (TianTan), here the emperor prayed for good harvests, seek divine clearance and atone for the sins of people. A perfect example for Ming architecture.

right:  TianAnMen (Gate of heavenly Peace) Square, which gained bitter famousness by the '89 cut down of pro-democratic movement




Another trip to the fascinating and breathtaking exotic landscape of the Chinese mountains must not be missed also during this China-trip. That time I took the chance to see TaiShan, the most revered of the five sacred Taoist mountains of China.

Sunrise with view at the cloud sea - a reason even for me to become an early bird.



A dragon's head as gable-figure found on a temple-wall, sunrise and cloud sea in the background, this single picture was already worth ascending to 1700 meters.
             Not far from TaiShan lies QuFu, hometown of the Kong family, and therefore also of the famous and immense formative philosopher Confucius (Kong Zi, 551-479 B.C.). Forbidden during the cultural revolution, his ideas of social order show their wide impact on many Asian countries till today. Unfortunately that the western-american standard culture is on its best way to melt even the rest of this heritage.

The pictures show parts of the Confucius temple, and his ancestor's residence, both located in QuFu.