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China 2000


meine geliebten Garküchen As my first Interest in China was initiated by films, it had to be proven if my fascination will survive a trip to the real, more or less modern China. Performing my practical semester in the beautiful city of Hangzhou seemed to be the perfect chance to do so. Already appreciated by Marco Polo, in former times the world's biggest city and for a short period also capital of China - Hangzhou nowadays is nearly unknown in the west. Finally I stayed there for 6 month, made many good friends and learned to appreciate the way of living within this culture.

These little and illegal cook shops (Kuai Can Bu) everywhere in the streets are one of china's highlights. They provide delicious and fresh food nearly for free. Trying their food is mandatory for every China-stay.

sowas nenn` ich eine Stadt

der romantische Westsee

This is one view of Hangzhou's famous West Lake (XiHu) a very romantic scenic spot, and the main attraction in Hangzhou. Preferably visited in the evenings when all the trees along the promenade are lighted which offers you a great view and lets you feel the unique atmosphere. Having a cup of good LongChing tea in one of the numerous tea-houses around the lake is not really cheap but definitely worth giving it a try.

...996, 997, 998, 999, 1000 !!!

The 1000 island like (QianDaoHu) in Zhejiang Province is an artificial storage lake created in a hilly region and therefore formed a huge amount of small islands. A boat trip around there is quite nice and allows you to visit some of main islands which host different themes. There are islands for seeing birds, monkeys, ostriches or introducing the culture of some Chinese national minorities.

hier leben sogar echte Mönche, kein Attrappen

This is the view inside the most impressive temple arrangement I have ever seen - Putuo Shan. You'll find this island not far from the Zhejiang Coastline, and its little bit isolated location was its big advantage during the cultural revolution. Thanks this it could escape the absurd destructive movement during the 60ies and 70ies. Exactly this makes PutuoShan so precious - a rare chance to see huge temple complexes, hundreds of years old and more or less untouched. Hopefully the crowds of tourists will not succeed in what the red guards failed.

das ist sie, die legendäre, mystische "Welcome Guest Pine"

My favorite photo from another highly impressive and mystique place - HuangShan (Yellow Mountain) located in AnHui Province - a place with less economic development and therefore remaining more rural and representing the old China. This tree is the so-called "Welcoming Guests Pine" due to its waving perches on windy days. The Chinese mountains all have their very own fascination. Seeing the sunrise from top of the mountain is one of them. Walking through the bamboo forests, breathing fresh air while escaping the killing summer temperatures of the lowland, it is just refreshing for both body and mind. Don't miss this trip if you have the chance. The picture above is one of the impressive views of HongKong, showing the famous Central Plaza building in the front and the Bank of China in the background. Seeing the film "Chinese Box" was certainly one more reason for me to see this modern Asian metropolis, the door to China and a melting point of the western and eastern culture. Nevertheless this charming city with its unique location on island and mainland does not consist of skyscrapers only. The plenty of islands, are a good place for recreation, hiking and experience nature as a contrast to the busy city life.